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Imagine being able to focus upon your business, knowing you have a support system of like-minded leaders behind you to ensure you thrive. Our success mastermind community ensures you never have to go it alone.



Learn, problem solve, and
give back to others on a
similar path. Together we
are stronger.


Game-changing content
consisting of exclusive
programs, master classes,
and personal workshops


Coaching, development,
and uniquely beneficial
resources for personal
and professional growth


Shorten your path to financial
success by avoiding the
mistakes many of us have
made along the way.

*What is a mastermind?

The concept of a mastermind group stems from the 1925 iconic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. After studying the practice of Andrew Carnegie, he learned how the legendary steel industry magnate achieved much of his greatness. He surrounded himself with a group he referred to as a mastermind, which consisted of experts from various areas of business who would serve as advisors and problem solvers during his quest for business dominance.

The CEO Crossing community leverages the power of masterminding by bringing like-minded professionals together unified in helping members solve problems, present concepts for success, and driving opportunities for leadership development within our community of business professionals. We strive to give every member support as they in turn support other members, giving everyone an opportunity to be the best person and professional they can be. And our approach is designed to meet every business leader's budget.


Transform Your Life and Business

 Just 10 minutes per day of positive movement will create lasting change.


Membership Matters Because

  • Brainstorming
  • Resource sharing
  • Education (learning from each other)
  • Connections (expanding your network)
  • Opportunities to collaborate or work with someone who can help you succeed
  • Fellowship (being a CEO is lonely at times. Surrounding yourself with others keeps you on a better path)
  • More success
  • Leadership development
  • New processes
  • A reminder of what you should be doing but aren’t
  • New methods and how to implement
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Exposure to expert coaching and training that you won’t find elsewhere
  • Potential for more revenue
  • Leadership development
  • Incredible mindset growth
  • Improved efficiency
  • More revenue
  • More efficiency
  • Leadership development
  • Battle tested strategies from mentors and other members who have been in your shoes
  • Form Strategic Alliances with other CEO Crossing Members
  • Crush Personal and Professional Goals by setting up accountability partners
  • Master Sales In Person and Online
  • Master Operations and Crush Your P&L
  • Build A Culture that attracts top talent and fiercely loyal customers
  • Master Communication Skills & Interpersonal Story Telling
  • Unite with a monthly CEO and Founders Only Networking and Mastery Event

Membership Has Its Benefits

Receive more than $3,000 in bonuses for joining.

Our host Paul Kirch summarizes the CEO Crossing community along with Podcast Interviews with special guests that have crossed over to success and have valuable insight and stories of inspiration or lessons learned for Founder’s and CEO’s.  We add content weekly, so be sure to tune in to our latest episode.

Paul Kirch

Host of the CEO Crossing Stories Podcast

We are a success mastermind community connecting you with other small business owners, founders, solopreneurs & CEOs, where we help each other thrive. 

We check egos at the door and open our minds to learn and grow in an environment where productivity and taking action are what helps us win. Stop overthinking and join us today!

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